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Beatles Ashram Rishikesh-Location, Travel, Guide, Booking

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About Beatles Ashram Rishikesh

Beatles Ashram, formerly Chaurasi Kutia, is a well-known ashram situated in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. After the Liverpool-based Beatles band visited and stayed there in 1986, the location attracted considerable attention and gained widespread notoriety. In this location, the band members meditated and wrote many excellent tunes. The ashram was abandoned subsequently but was once again made available to visitors in 2015. The Beatles Ashram is currently visited by both residents and tourists, the majority of whom are Beatles band aficionados. The area typically draws history historians, adventurers, peace and tranquilly seekers, nature lovers, photography aficionados, and meditation enthusiasts.

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History of Beatles Ashram -

Before the Beatles band arrived, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi had already established the Beatles Ashram. Here, the Maharishi taught Transcendental Meditation to those who were interested in studying it and pursuing a career in education. In the year 1968, a member of the British band The Beatles came at the ashram. The Beatles came to this location after attending the Maharishi's speech in Wales, which inspired them to travel to Rishikesh and remain in his ashram for three months. They participated in the TM course and remained in the lodging offered at the far back of the Beatles Ashram. They had access to superior amenities than the other students, including private restrooms, electric heaters, and continuous running water.

Tips for Beatles Ashram

1. Take into account going to the Beatles Ashram with a local as the caretaker typically charges tourists a steep fee to enter the ashram's campus.
2. Before entering the ashram, spray yourself with insect repellent or apply a lotion to your skin.
3. Before entering the ashram, think about covering your mouth and nose if you have a dust allergy.
4. Refrain from urinating anywhere you choose and only use the ashram's furnished restrooms.
5. Avoid bringing any food with you because there is a café inside the ashram where you may get food when you get hungry.
6. Be prepared to take a variety of photos!